Welcome to 2023. Ready for some wholesome news? I've been quiet since mid-December, and I'm recovered from my "chocolate-covered-cherry-coma" and can finally share what's been cooking.

This letter is going to be 1) a cool story from the last year that you made possible, and 2) what's turning out to be a great story to start this year.

I always try to take stock of how I did as each year closes, which is an experience that typically leaves me feeling encouraged but slightly disappointed at the same time... There are always a few things that I try throughout the year that don't work, or tasks that just never seem to get done. 

But that encouraged feeling came from you.

If you purchased a contract review or a financial analysis from Level On Demand in 2022 or used some of our custom solutions then you made it possible for us to help Vicky from Atlanta, whose after-school tutoring business was in jeopardy after her small lease in a strip center was bought up by a REIT (real estate investment trust) and she was "over the barrel" being pressured into a new lease at a rate she couldn't afford. She told us she had nowhere else to turn, as the attorneys she reached out to couldn't help her in time or were too costly. 

We were able to review the new proposed terms of Vicky's lease in under 24 hours and point out some areas she could negotiate and adjust to potentially afford to stay in her space she loved. She's still there under a new lease that works for her business. 

So, I guess what I'm saying is, THANK YOU! We couldn't do it without you.

On to 2023...

Right before Christmas, someone reached out to me from Texas (where I grew up) about these two old (not particularly pretty) houses that were going to get torn down. "So what?" was my first thought...

But as I investigated, I found out these were pretty amazing buildings from the 1940's. All concrete walls and roof. Built in a single day. Affordable. I was intrigued.


Then I found out that there were hundreds of these all over the world, built by this giant machine (which no longer exists) and that these two in Texas are the only ones left.

So, if you've supported Level in any way, you've enabled us to fully sponsor and support a campaign that launched yesterday to save these cool buildings. While we do quite a bit of development planning and consulting at Level, historic preservation is new to us, so I'll be updating you here every so often as things progress.

The link has been copied!