Driving Real Estate Transformation

Real estate developers are tapping into tribalism

Real estate developers are taking bets on small subsets of these tribal values. Whether the bets will be a flash in the pan, or be a catalyst for the next century of building trends, is yet to be seen.

Escrow - A Brief History (pt. 1)

The current way we transact, using an escrow company, making large deposits, and hoping a lender approves a large loan amount, seems like a good way to go about things.

The court jesters make a comeback...

Have you played around with any of the AI voice or deepfake tools? I'm equally apprehensive and excited to see how people use this newfound way of communicating their messages

I’ve been investigating all these layoffs….

The tail end of 2022 showed a major swing towards rampant layoffs, especially in the tech space.

2 wholesome stories to start the new year

I always try to take stock of how I did as each year closes, which is an experience that typically leaves me feeling encouraged but slightly disappointed at the same time.

I just watched a robot do my job... 🤖

While I'm not overly worried (today) about ChatGPT doing what we do better than we can, you better believe I'm going to figure out how to leverage it to our advantage

My punch list is growing...

My personal mid-week punch list.

Is that a forest, or just trees? 🌲

In my world, with real estate stuff, I feel like I'm always struggling to zoom out and see the forest: to catch those big shifts in the undercurrent of the industry.

Credentials go bye-bye

For the last hundred years or so, our whole society has been propped up by a credentialing system; a means of certifying what is factual, by a trusted authority.

I was wrong about crypto

A year ago the "Crypto" total market cap was 2.4 trillion. Now it’s 970 billion. That’s a 60% decrease.

Proptech is getting salted, heavily🧂

Many proptech startups over the last few years have been directly related to the home-buying process. If these companies were slugs, then the fed rate hikes have been copious amounts of salt.

The tech tools I use to run my business

Finding a really useful tool (usually software) feels to me like finding buried treasure.

Small town mayor living in 2050

Local elected officials who make themselves more accessible online will have an overwhelmingly positive effect on their local RE markets.

A day late, a trolley short

The trolley problem is a thought experiment in ethics about a fictional scenario in which an onlooker has the choice to save 5 people in danger of being hit by a trolley, or by throwing a lever, can divert the trolley to kill just 1 person.

Obscure 9/11 lessons it's taken me 21 years to grasp

In July 2001, just six weeks before the twin towers came down, a 99-year master lease for all the buildings was transferred to (bought by) a guy named Larry Silverstein.

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