Is your head spinning yet? Maybe it's just that "post-election-mid-recession" brain fog, but I don't feel like adding to the noise right now. 

So instead, you're getting my personal mid-week punch list; no lengthy brain dump until next week.


If you care at all about what's happening to real estate markets, but are at maximum capacity when it comes to news headlines and sensational, emotion-driven charts and graphs, you'll want to check out EncoreBubble. It's been a lifeline for me in terms of guiding how we do our analysis reports and home evaluations.


I'll be speaking this weekend at the Cardano (blockchain) Summit in Los Angeles. (if you're nearby, come and see me)

I got to speak at the event last year, and have been spending this week trying to decide what current happenings need to be updated in my talk, which is titled "Combating Cascading Chaos". Level On Demand is also hosting a trivia booth. I'll try to take some pictures this year.

I know what your next questions are gonna be...

"Why are you talking at a crypto event?"

"Your company does real estate"

"Blockchain is dead, it has no real value"

Right now, you can pay for any product or service at Level On Demand using about eighty, yes 80, different cryptocurrencies at checkout. I'm in this thing. We also utilize on-chain services in a number of ways to facilitate our file-sharing and database permissions and other "un-sexy" things.

And finally....

A few weeks ago, I talked about the tech tools I use in my daily life and how I am trying to move towards "self-hosted" options when I can. All this crypto/blockchain stuff plays directly to that. I've also been seriously looking into RocketChat (a slack alternative).

If reading any of what I've written has inspired you to do some writing of your own, or you want to try to "self-host" something, you can try your hand at hosting your own blog! It's a 4.5/10 difficulty IMO, so be forewarned.

The link has been copied!