Level.re (Level Holdings) was founded by Stephen Cameron in 2020 to be a strategic partner and operator of various real estate ventures in the technology, blockchain and construction sectors.

Collectively, we believe that the real estate industry and its' practices are antiquated (gasp!) and in need of significant transformation as we move from an era of industry to one of information. We support and advise countless startups and thought leaders making meaningful change in their respective corners of the built environment; from decentralized land registries to building material scientists.

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We are focused on building, supporting and championing tech, construction And blockchain businesses attempting to bring positive change to the real estate industry, but our values and the things we care to explore are…


Taking out the middle man. The real estate industry is plagued by outdated practices and burdensome fee-based service businesses that provide diminishing returns in an age where good, complex knowledge is readily available to all. If that last sentence rubbed you the wrong way, you may not enjoy a lot of what we have to say.

The biggest driver of transformation toward a disintermediated real estate transaction, in our opinion, is the technology that empowers individuals with the information needed to act.

Deflationary Mindset

When asset prices always go up, the need for long-lasting buildings that retain value goes down. Way down, apparently.

Currently accepted building standards in the U.S. are specifically abysmal in this regard, with builders opting for the cheapest materials that demand the highest price. There are a lot of variables at play here, but we are generally bullish on anyone trying to reverse course and build to a higher standard.

Decentralized Institutions

This is why blockchain is on our radar. Centralized “single-source-of-truth” institutions are increasingly being co-opted by bad actors, held for ransom, or monopolizing for control.

In real estate, the legal, financial and regulatory arenas are ripe for new models and methods to usher in a renaissance of sorts, back to a more peer-to-peer era, where permissions are granted to others, not requested from regulators.

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